Thursday, January 15, 2015

Bio125, day 1, week 1,

Names tags,
Syllabus, flipped classroom, assignments are mostly due before class, 
Learning objectives
Use a seat map to connect student names, faces and seatings.

Signatures, notepad and pens
lab safety form (I added the students names to the list).
IRB, academic integrity, photo video release form (Need to add Yes or No on the form)

bring incentives

HP laptop log, wireless connections
Bring ethernet cables 

Socrative login. Go over slides to test socrative. (students have trouble to generate account. Later, I figure out that students names are only available in pre-defined quizzes).

ApE installation. On Yosemite, when the security setting is not changed, OS X gave a warning as if the downloaded software is damaged.

Presentation orders. natural group order

Did Group building on cancer.
PubMed search
Primary literature: original work versus reviews and commentaries.

group 1, 2: colorectal cancer, MSH2
group 3: breast cancer, BRCA1
group 4; leukemia,
group 5: oral cancer, smoking, alcohol PMID 25564114
group 6: ovarian cancer: BRCA1 and 2
group 7: prostate cancer:
group 8: stomach cancer
group 9: pancreatic cancer
group 10: liver cancer

Summary: presentation groups of next class on homework assignments.

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