Monday, January 19, 2015

R/Rstudio tutorial page for BIO125, Spring 2015

This is a dynamic page and will change frequently during Spring semester of 2015.

1.What is R? 

Wikipedia entry on R

Why R by Courtney Brown at Emory. 

Why R and beyond.

R blogger that provides recent and often interesting development about R.  

What is R video (Added after the class).

2. Install R to your own computers.

Instructions to download R. 

Install R studio.  RStudio provides a nice GUI to R.

Install packages to R: Video for Windows Version.

3. Introduction to R.

Hong Qin's slides: Overview of R;   Basic programming in RInput & Output in R;

Lydon Walker, getting started with R, an accelerated primer

 4. Simple exercises in R.

Multiple regression demo

Hierarchical clustering using cities. CodeVideo.

Laddy Gaga and clustering analysis. Code. Video.

Bioconductor workshop materials.

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