Thursday, September 4, 2014

bio233, thursday, 20140904

To do:
  x Email students to bring laptops
  x Bring HP laptops
  bring camera for video taping

xTreats for computing surveys
 x Bring plates for students to take pictures

x Roll call

x Exam announcement

  Students did not go over slides with me before class, their ppt does have figures. We used the PDF instead.
  Many students did not know how to use Excel, but 3-4 groups drew the scatter plots with trend lines.
  Students did not know some basic concepts in the paper: mortality rate (why it is called decay rate), growth rate.

I use the 3 little pigs story to explain the capsid strength. Straw house has a low mass per surfic area, and has a shot lifespan.

BMC paper volunteer: I forgot this item.

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