Wednesday, September 3, 2014

Microbiology, potential topics for student discussion and research, Bio233 Spring/Fall 2014, todo

Primary papers

modeling papers

bacteria on cancer
willima coley


CRISPR papers

Receptor-mediated exopolysaccharide perception controls bacterial infection

how much DNA? 
How many viruses on earth?

Gut microbial and circadian clock in mice, 

=> Microbial community transcriptional networks are
conserved in three domains at ocean basin scales

=> Prediction of antibiotic resistance by gene expression profiles,

How many cells to produce a antibiotic with a lethal dose?

antibiotics function

E coli mutant influence host lifespan in worm.

Transmission of Ebola? (Does it more like flu, AIDs, hepers simplex virus, 

Students should present the scientific facts and mechanisms to the general public. 

compare growth curves modeling approaches


Bottled water versus tap water.  Use syringe. Order large syringes and filters

Are water fountain safe to drink on campus?  Measure water volume and use syringe.

Microbes on Spelman campus
Isolating ethanol-tolerant microbes from trees? 

Yeast genome analysis

·      Do quorum-sensing pathways vary in different Saccharomyces yeast species?
·      Do prion-like proteins vary in different Saccharomyces yeast species?
·      Do TOR-based caloric restriction pathways exist in prokaryotic cells?
·      Do genetic capacitor genes tend to increase the mutations in their substrate genes?
·      Fountain water versus bottle waters, which is cleaner?
·      How many viruses on planet earth?

Arsenic bacteria

Egg, red meat, heart problems, and gut microbes.

Ice-seeding bacteria

Aging topics:
 Yeast SIR2 controversies
 E coli aging
 Virus aging

West Nile Virus.

Australia rabbit virus

Cholera and R simulation

Protective phages

Cell based computing

mouth microbes and ethinicity

Poop bank

baby's immune system and good bacteria

modeling microbes

Biofilm, chronic infection

Gut feeling.

Fecal transplant

E coli resistance to macrophage

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